Reusable Packaging for Meal Kits

Reusable packaging for meal kits by The Minnow PDX

Farm-Fresh Meals Delivered without the Waste Minnow chose the Bold Reuse platform to develop a zero-waste packaging program. The Minnow is a hyper-local and farm-fresh meal kit delivery service. Dedicated to sustainability, Minnow aims to have a minimal footprint from start to finish. When owner Darren Yondorf dreamed up Minnow, he knew it had to be a […]

The Story Behind Retail Reuse: A Closed-Loop, Reuse First Model for Glass Packaging

A Closed-Loop, Reusable First Model for Glass Packaging As you may or may not know, last month, in celebration of Earth Month, we launched Retail Reuse. A pilot program to encourage the reuse of glass jars. This project has been in the works for quite some time. It required the coordination of many stakeholders sharing one […]

How to launch a successful reuse program

Businesses, events, and organizations all over the world are ditching disposable packaging and switching to reuse. Use this checklist to launch a successful reusable program for your business.  Pre-Launch Even before you launch your reusable packaging program, there are a few things you need to consider. Think through the plan, and understand who your stakeholders […]