Reusable Packaging for Meal Kits

Reusable packaging for meal kits by The Minnow PDX

Farm-Fresh Meals Delivered without the Waste Minnow chose the Bold Reuse platform to develop a zero-waste packaging program. The Minnow is a hyper-local and farm-fresh meal kit delivery service. Dedicated to sustainability, Minnow aims to have a minimal footprint from start to finish. When owner Darren Yondorf dreamed up Minnow, he knew it had to be a […]

The Story Behind Retail Reuse: A Closed-Loop, Reuse First Model for Glass Packaging

A Closed-Loop, Reusable First Model for Glass Packaging As you may or may not know, last month, in celebration of Earth Month, we launched Retail Reuse. A pilot program to encourage the reuse of glass jars. This project has been in the works for quite some time. It required the coordination of many stakeholders sharing one […]

Why Reuse Solves Our Trash Problem, Not Compostables

Bold Reuse Family

Our Waste Problem: Nearly 1 trillion single-use foodware and packaging items are used by US restaurants each year. Those disposables cost the foodservice industry $24B each year, all for items that are just going to be thrown away minutes after use. Not to mention the trillions of additional single-use items like shipping materials, gel packs, […]

Reintroducing: Bold Reuse

bold box image

I am beyond thrilled to reintroduce you to our company, Bold Reuse – a bigger and bolder vision for the future of reusable packaging. Before we go full-on into the future, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how we got here.  In June 2011, Laura Weiss launched GO Box with a few food […]

On Becoming An Un-Lost Entrepreneur

You know that feeling when you realize you’re lost? When you don’t know where you are, how you came to be there, and what direction to go next to get back to somewhere more familiar? I’ve gotten lost, really lost, only twice before. When I was 11, while visiting relatives at their new house, I […]