New Seasons Market Meets Innovation and Sustainability Goals with Bold Reuse

Single-use packaging has become the standard in the food service industry.

  • Single-use packaging is wasteful 
  • New Seasons Market needed additional programs to meet customer demand for options to reduce waste footprint 
  • The organization lacked the resources, infrastructure and logistics to facilitate their own reuse program.

New Seasons Market is a neighborhood grocery store that offers healthy and organic food options from any of their 19 Portland, Oregon area locations. Customers can enjoy take-out or bulk food options from multiple departments within their supermarkets. Sustainability is engrained within its business, however single-use products are often used by customers shopping at New Seasons markets’ which contributes to their waste footprint as an organization. 

New Seasons needed/wanted to offer more reusable options but lacked the resources, infrastructure and logistics for an in-house reuse program. In addition, as a food retailer, offering reusable packaging requires extensive variant coordination with the state department of agriculture, which invites additional regulatory oversight and liability concerns that New Seasons did not want to take on. 

Solution: New Seasons partners with Bold Reuse to help customers reduce waste across their shopping experience by offering reusable to-go containers.

  • Partner with Bold Reuse to make reusable containers available to customers 
  • Phased implementation and expansion made it approachable for leadership across multiple locations
  • Full-scale implementation across all NSM stores in Oregon and Washington

Bold to-gos are available for customers to use across multiple departments in all 19 New Seasons storefront locations. The Bold Reuse system allows New Seasons customers to shop and enjoy fresh food from its stores without creating single-use waste. All backend logistics, transportation and cleaning services are taken care of. With the legwork taken care by Bold Reuse, implementing reuse programs within New Seasons stores is seamless and simple. 


  • New Seasons Market requests x amount of containers 
  • Bold restocks 
  • Bold drop sites are available at NSM locations for customers to return Bold To-Go 
  • Bold picks up bins for cleaning and sanitizing and the cycle begins again! 

“Sustainability is engrained within our company but also here in Oregon we have so much beautiful natural landscapes and want to be part of the solution to keep them beautiful and healthy and keep our communities healthy as well”

Athena Petty, Sr. Sustainability Manager New Seasons Market

With Bold Reuse, New Seasons is progressing towards their zero waste goals and furthering their sustainable missions by providing reuse options for customers. Bold Reuse and New Seasons Market are partnering on a new initiative, called Retail Reuse, which will test the feasibility of reusable glass packaging for retail products produced locally, such as salsa, honey, jelly, beverages and more. Retail Reuse is scheduled for public launch in early 2022.

Impact: Since partnership, New Seasons Market has helped customers divert over 500,000 single-use products from the landfill.

"We envision a future where the majority of packaging in grocery is zero waste and we're actively testing new reuse models with Bold Reuse to scale this vision. The team at Bold is a critical partner for us to achieve our innovation and sustainability goals, and we’re excited for developments to come."

Athena Petty, Sr. Sustainability Manager at New Seasons Market