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Solutions Overview

We provide all your reuse needs across sanitation, logistics, data and strategy so you can achieve your zero waste goals faster and more efficiently — all with a single expert partner.

Mission-Critical Services

We provide the mission-critical services to make your program run.

Our logistics team services your site on a regular cadence with the delivery of clean inventory and collection of used inventory.

Each reusable asset goes through quality-control, washing and sanitizing, drying and the repackaging process. We take health & safety seriously and our standards adhere to global food manufacturing standards.   

Maintaining cleanliness of the reusable dropsite is crucial for a great customer experience. We also provide custom services like installation, maintenance and servicing to suit your needs.

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Technology Solutions

We offer a suite of technology solutions ranging from operations data, ESG reporting, and consumer applications. 

We offer custom data tagging and tracking solutions. If your reusable assets are tagged with unique tracking codes, we can capture, collect and maintain that data for you.

We track everything within our operations – from pick up to QA, to packing times and delivery. This is packaged up so you have a complete picture of how your program is running, and take action on improving your program.

ESG reporting is critical to the industry. We’ll provide you with water, energy, and miles driven to support your program, as well as waste diversion metrics. 

Deeply understand your customer adoption and loyalty. with fully branded consumer iOS and Android apps. These apps enable your customers to easily check in and out your reusable inventory, and allows you to track user level and item level utilization.

Strategy Solutions

Bold Reuse’s professional services are designed to help you during every step of your reuse journey.

Make your success a certainty from day one. From pre-packaged implementation services to custom implementation programs, we’ve got the right solution to help you get started quickly and achieve your desired business outcomes.

A package of consulting hours provides best-practices advice, hands-on assistance, and the strategic guidance you need. Our experts can objectively assess your current situation, align your sustainability strategies and business goals, and build a comprehensive roadmap to help take your reuse program to the next level.

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Ask Us Anything

We currently have  washing operations out of Portland, OR & Seattle. We can support additional locations if the project is large enough. Tell us about your project and we can see if it’s a fit!

Our wash costs aim to be competitive with premium single-use products, getting cheaper as we hit better economies of scale. However, there are additional costs to consider like logistics, strategy, and collection sites. Our clients typically cover the costs of those with micro-fees or sponsorships.


From a product procurement perspective – we’ll work with you to find the best products for your use case that match the aesthetics, durability and price point required. If you’re not ready to purchase your own assets, we also have inventory to rent.

We design our system to work seamlessly with your workflow. We aim to make the experience for your back of house and front of house staff to be exactly how it would be with single-use products.

If you are already sorting waste, reuse will be easy for your team. If you are not currently sorting, it may be more of a learning curve. In either case, we offer training, strategy, and operations services to help make reuse easy for your organization.

We are material agnostic so as long as we are able to sanitize it, we’d love to help you reuse it! We have an inventory of some great products, but we’re happy to explore other options with you.

No. We partner with product manufacturers to find the best durables at the best price on the market. If you’d like us to procure them on your behalf, we can!

by the Numbers

of consumers want to reduce waste
50 %
of consumers spend more with circular businesses*
30 %
Less CO2 than Compostables After 25 Uses**
50 %

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