Starbucks + Bold Reuse

Partners in reducing waste.

In 2020, Starbucks established goals to reduce carbon, water and waste by 50% by 2030 as part of its commitment to be a resource positive company.


To help them get there, GO Box partnered with Starbucks to ensure their new Borrow a Cup program reusable cups are professionally washed and sanitized.


Starbucks tested this program in select West Seattle stores for a limited time in spring 2021 and eliminated nearly 10,000 cups during the pilot.

How It Worked

Get a drink in a reusable cup for a $1 deposit

When customers placed their order at a participating location, they aske dto borrow a reusable cup. Customers could also order ahead on the Starbucks App by selecting the program from the “Merchandise” section of the menu tab in the app.

Return the reusable cup for your $1 credit back

Each participating Starbucks location had a contactless kiosk where customers returned cups and received a $1 credit toward their next purchase. Customers could also return cups through Ridwell!

Sanitized and ready to go!

This is where we – Bold Reuse -stepped in! Each day, we collected the returned cups and professionally cleaned and sanitized them in our commercial kitchen before restocking the cups to the participating stores so they could be reused again (and again, and again!).

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