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GO Box Relaunches as Bold Reuse and Expands to New Markets

PORTLAND, Ore., August 23, 2022 (Newswire) – GO Box announced today that it is relaunching as Bold Reuse, a packaging reuse service and technology platform that enables businesses and their customers to reduce single-use waste through circular systems.


Leveraging GO Box’s history providing innovative B2C and B2B waste-reduction services, Bold Reuse is expanding to offer new enterprise solutions and technology to quickly scale reuse systems. Bold Reuse seeks to empower teams at the world’s largest brands to design, launch and scale circular packaging solutions with speed and agility to achieve waste and emissions reduction goals. In July 2022, the company hit a milestone of eliminating 1 million single-use products from landfills through reuse services.


“We changed the game by building a consumer reuse system that is flourishing here in Oregon, and we’re proud of how we’ve scaled our offerings, our customer base, and our ambitions,” said CRO and Co-Founder, Heather Watkins. “Our sights are on building a network of packaging reuse hubs nationwide to support the largest brands as they transition to the circular economy.”


The team at GO Box needed a new identity that properly reflects their mission to eliminate single-use packaging – and Bold Reuse better encapsulates that vision. The company grew quickly over the past year to meet inbound demand, opening an 8,000 sqft facility in Portland, and expanding operations to process more reusable materials including glass, ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic products.


“The new brand of Bold Reuse much better captures our ambitions, as well as our expanded service offerings into the enterprise,” said CEO and Co-Founder, Jocelyn Quarrell. “We want Bold Reuse to be the partner of choice for the boldest companies and consumers who are looking to rethink how we solve problems.”


Bold Reuse’s enterprise clients include Imperfect Foods, Loop and New Seasons Market, as well as supporting the Starbucks’ Borrow A Cup pilot program in Seattle in 2021. Due to high demand for reuse solutions, the company will officially expand operations to Seattle this year in partnership with Reuse Seattle. In addition, Bold is also expanding east this fall to support reuse programs in Park City, Utah and Bentonville, Arkansas.


“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Bold Reuse on expanding to Park City. Our residents and city are pushing for climate-friendly, circluar solutions, and we wanted to partner with the best in terms of reuse service providers,” said Celia Peterson, Sustainability Manager for Park City. “We’re excited to launch a reusable to-go container pilot program with Bold Reuse and local restaurants in October, and hope that cities across the country will also make the move to reusables.”


“Having a partner like Bold Reuse to scale and support Seattle’s reuse strategy is incredibly valuable for our region. Their deep reuse expertise in technology, logistics and sanitation are exactly what is needed in Seattle,” said Pat Kaufman, Green Business Manager for Seattle Public Utilities. “We look forward to seeing a successful reuse system built with a network of service providers, including industry-leader Bold Reuse.”


About Bold Reuse 


As a leader in the reuse industry, Bold Reuse (formerly GO Box) helps companies achieve their zero waste goals faster. The world’s leading brands have relied on Bold Reuse to manage their reuse programs from pilots to full-scale operations. The company has already eliminating more than 1 million single-use products from landfills. With Bold Reuse, organizations meet their zero waste goals, report their ESG progress, and provide customers a better experience. The company is committed to making the circular packaging economy a reality.  Learn more at

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